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Quantum malware, will it own your computer before it exists!?


This is a pretty crazy and very interesting paper on quantum malware.

One part of the paper I liked spoke about a quantum virus or worm which replicates itself (probabilistically, due to the no-cloning theorem13,14) over the network.

This has some interesting implications, possibly changing the way virii replicate. Read more about the no-cloning theorem here:

How about malware that you cant predict the "payload"?

Account Registration Problems


If you've recently signed up for an account but never received the email confirmation, please try again. There was a problem with our email server and everything should be up and running again. There is no conspiracy to keep you from your malware. It was an ID-10-T error between the chair and the keyboard on our part.

Statement about cDc involvement

Given the recent press release there has been some confusion as to the cDc's involvement in Offensive Computing. Offensive Computing is wholly run by Valsmith and Danny Quist. It was developed completely with their own resources.

Offensive Computing is affiliated with several groups including Metasploit and the cDc, however Offensive Computing is an independent entity from all of these projects.

Viva Las Vegas


Most of the Offensive Computing crew is on its way to Vegas for Blackhat and Defcon. Look for the Owl T-shirt to find us. Be sure to make our talks at Defcon on friday and all the HD Moore / Metasploit talks at both events. Go to see the schedule.

Hope to see you there!


McAfee Site Advisor Gives us the "OK"

Sometimes it's fun to google yourself. I came across the McAfee Site Advisor's page about OC:


Good to know that we're on the up and up.

Announcing the OC Forums

Please take time to look at our newly organized forum page. We've setup some common forum ideas for popular topics including:

  • Sample Requests
  • Analysis and Samples
  • Unpacking Malware
  • General Technical Discussion
  • Reverse Engineering Techniques and Tools
  • Tools

We'll be adding and removing forum topics as the situation merits. Feel free to carry on discourse on all things various and sundry, related to malware of course. New forum entries should appear on the right side of your page, as well as recent blog entries.


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Id really like a copy of Backdoor.Rustock.B.

anyone have it?



Coming to Defcon: A New Bioinformatics-Inspired and Binary Analysis: Coding Style/Motif Identification


Please welcome Scott Miller, hllywood, to Offensive Computing. Scott will be presenting at Defcon 14 on his blast tool. We're happy to have Scott onboard!

Here's the abstract for Scott's talk:

Security analysis is severely complicated by the size and abundance of executable code. Existing concepts and code can be combined, obfuscated, packed, and hidden toward the ends of evading detection and frustrating analysis. Is that patch fixing the problem it claims to fix? Have you seen that malicious code before? Have you seen these particular motifs/style before?

Read more for full details.

OC Updates and Feature Requests

We're currently working on a variety of things at OC. The first one that is being improved is the query system. Some people have made the request to see a list of all the malware that is available. The list that is available would be quite large, and would probably be unusuable. For now you can search for specific malware names (such as netsky) and get a listing in that manner.

If you would like to download our complete archive, please contact Val or myself and we'll discuss this. Generally in these situations we would like to get your archive as well.

Hllywood is working hard to get his automatic malware classification system up and running on OC. He's currently in the process of translating this code from thesis-code to working-code. Any of you in grad school will appreciate the distinction.

Offensive Computing Team to Speak at Defcon


Val and Danny's talk was accepted to Defcon 14. Get the schedule and talk information at the Defcon site.

Here's our abstract:

The proliferation of malware is a serious problem, which grows in sophistication and complexity every day, but with this growth, comes a price. The price that malware pays for advanced features and sophistication is increased vulnerability to attack. Malware is a system, just like an OS or application. Systems employ security mechanisms to defend themselves and also suffer from vulnerabilities which can be exploited. Malware is no different.

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