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Latest exploit kits



Does anyone have the latest exploit kits like - latest Neo, unique pack, etc..and would like to share them?


SWF Analysis



Anybody help me out for working with malicious SWF Files. Any analysis tools available for analysis... please tell me a good way for analyzing SWF Files....



SWF Exploit embedded in PDF



Anyone have sample of recent SWF flash exploit embedded in PDF sample?

Please upload it or send it to xanalyzer [at] yahoo [dot] com

Looking for Blackberry Malware

| | |

hey all... i am looking to see if anyone here has any samples of malware for the blackberry. I know that it is pretty much non-existent, but I figured I would ask. i would appreciate any assistance that anyone has. if you have any information or samples please email them to me.... Thanks in advance!

Facebook Phisher


Facebook phisher - Check it out while it's hot !

Download here (Rapidshare)

Local mirror

RAR Archive Password: "infected" (without quotes)

Cheers :)

Firepack toolkit - Source code


Source code of an exploit pack - Firepack

Download here

RAR Archive Password: "infected" (without quotes)

P.S: Don't know if this has been posted earlier ... ;)

Cheers :)

Microsoft DirectShow Quicktime Parsing Vulnerability PoC


Any PoC in relation to the vulnerability referenced in the URL's below would be greatly appreciated.

AMS2 and SAV Server Exploit


It's pretty much in the zoo right now.

Does anyone have a working POC for it?



Net-Sploit 1.0

"develop rootkits for the .NET framework,[...]

Code reviews will not detect backdoors installed inside the Framework since the payload is not in the code itself, but rather it is inside the Framework implementation.

Writing Framework rootkits will enable the attacker to install a reverse shell inside the framework, to steal valuable information, to fixate encryption keys, disable security checks and to perform other nasty things [...]"

Download, Userguide, Source Code, etc. linked below.

iTunes Anti-debugging Circumvention

David Maynor at Erratasec has written an article about how to circumvent the debugging prevention inside of iTunes.

"..I noticed iTunes kept crashing, predictably and reliably in the same place. I decided to use gdb to see what the hubbub was all about. However I got dissed and iTunes would not allow itself to be debugged."

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