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MeMMon - A Light Weight Process Memory Scanner

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Vejovis is a project that was started to develop an user mode memory scanning tool "MeMMoN - A Process Memory Scanning Tool". It scans the memory of all the processes in the system. It can be downloaded from the below link.


Releasing PDF X-RAY

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For the past few months I have been doing research on PDF analysis and how it could be better improved. While doing the research I found myself writing tools and scripts to help me get the job done and decided it was time to put something more useful together. PDF X-RAY is a static analysis tool that allows you to analyze PDF files through a web interface or API. The tool uses multiple open source tools and custom code to take a PDF and turn it into a sharable format. The goal with this tool is to centralize PDF analysis and begin sharing comments on files that are seen.

PDF X-RAY differs from all other tools because it doesn't focus on the single file. Instead it compares the file you upload against thousands of malicious PDF files in our repository. These checks look for similar data structures within the PDF you upload and ones that have been reviewed by analysts. Using this feature we can begin to see shared coded samples among malicious files or trends due to malicious author coding styles. The tool is still in beta, but I wanted to release it to the public to see what users thought. In my opinion the API is the most useful as you can begin to integrate rich PDF analysis into other tools and services with little or no cost.

need these fake av's


if you have the following rogue please give me installer antivir av,paladdium pro,HDD low,security tool,inernet security essentials 2011,antimalware go,antivirus moniter

Rogue Nava Shield


Anybody know where I can find Nava Shield? I really want to test it but just cant find it.

Morfeus F*cking Scanner

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Hello, I am trying to find out what exactly is behind the flurry of "Morfeus Fucking Scanner" web-vulnerability scans going on out there. After some research, a lot of people are reporting seeing it but no-one seems to be reporting or linking to an actual tool responsible.

Does anyone have more information on the tool? Any possibility of getting a copy?


OfficeMalScanner released

OfficeMalScanner is a MS office forensic tool to scan for malicious traces, like shellcode heuristics, PE-files or embedded OLE streams. It supports disassembly and hexview as well as an easy brute force mode to detect encrypted files. Next to this, an office file is being scanned for VB-macro code and if found, it will be extracted for further analysis.


A new member of the Offensive Computing team - Dante Allegro

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Hello everyone!

My name is Dante Allegro , and as the newest member of the team my job is to work with members of the commercial community who wish to purchase products and services from Offensive Computing.

If you or your company would like to utilize the Offensive Computing malware database in your commercial product, or if you have a specific job that you feel the Offensive Computing team can assist you with , please contact me and I will be quite happy to assist you.

As I am on the road quite a bit please contact me directly at dallegro ( at )

Autorun Manager (OSAM) - now with online malware scanner!

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Some days ago we released a new version of free utility - Online Solutions Autorun Manager (OSAM).

New features since previous release are:
- Online Malware Scanner (now you can easy and fast check your startup for malware using our online malware database)
- "Powerful" deletion objects using system driver

Here is an overview and download link.

I hope to find here a beta-testers for our software and get some feedback and suggestions to improve it! If you have any questions feel free to contact me.

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