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need spysherrif mediafirelink?


i need a sample of spysherrif can someone upload on megaupload or somewear? thx

Looking for sample of rogue software MS Removal Tool


Looking for the most recent samples of rogue software, MS Removal Tool as of April 18, 2011. Any Web site I can download from or malware database would be appreciated.


Need sample Personal Internet Security 2011 installer


Can anyone Personal Internet Security 2011 installer?I need a link installer please!and thanks

Looking for that iPhone malware -- if it's real


Looking for the iPhone malware that is supposedly going around. If anyone has a copy I sure would love to get my hands on it.

Virus iOS4 out

Need installer for Antivirus Clean 2011 or download url


I need a sample for the rogue Antivirus Clean 2011 or download url. Does anyone have? It looks like this:

Asking for Linux/Unix ELF format malware samples


I'm doing a research in which a large amount of Linux/Unix ELF format malwares are needed. I'm new here, can anybody tell me how to find those viruses or give me samples you have, thanks!~

Hi,guys,is there someone who has script malicious samples?

| | |

Hi, guys , I am studying malicious actions of scripts. I need some javascript, html, pdf samples.

I always download samples on "", but I found that the samples on that site had been descoded and split to pieces, what is worse, the samples it submits every day are generally the same.

who can help me? Thank you all of you who caring me. God blesses all of you.

Additionally, I can not found any fake AV page sources. Why?

i need a sample of: Spyware protection


hello i need a sample for this fake antivirus:spyware protection here is a picture of it:

i need sample of security essentials 2011


the malware link? thx

Zitmo Samples?


Does anyone have have any Zitmo samples to share?

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