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Noob malware analyst


N00b....looking for different types of malware that i can analyze to improve my skillz!


Rootkit ZeroAccess request


I want to test out new ZeroAccess Rootkit. I'm a amateur malware researcher and I want to test out few products.


How do I get a flash drive infected with stuxnet?


I downloaded stuxnet from The files seem valid as I scanned the contents at virustotal. Then I inserted a flash drive and executed the dropper.exe file. According to Microsoft (, the dropper (TrojanDropper:Win32/StuxnetA) should drop the following into the system:

Trojan:WinNT/Stuxnet.B (initially called VirTool:WinNT/Rootkitdrv.HK)

MeMMon - A Light Weight Process Memory Scanner

| | |

Vejovis is a project that was started to develop an user mode memory scanning tool "MeMMoN - A Process Memory Scanning Tool". It scans the memory of all the processes in the system. It can be downloaded from the below link.


Recent Japanese Malware


As you surely know in the last week many japanese web sites were hit.
Am trying to find some malware samples that were found "in the wild" in the last two weeks, for researching purposes.
It would be greatly appreciated if you could point me to signatures or checksums that you uploaded.
Thanks in advance for your help.

Android malware collection



I want to test my Android device and some security applications for this OS.

Do you have any Android malware collection pack?

Looking for sample of the TDL4 Rootkit


I am a Malware Analyst in the Navy. I am currently trying to get details to my command (Navy Cyber Defense Operations Command) on the rootkit know as TDL4. Can anyone help?

Automatic malware signature generator


Hi all!

I look many documents at Internet with "Automatic malware signature" generation, but I dont found any source code or tool to download.

Whece can I found any source code to generate automatic malware signature ?

Thank you

Need: AntiSpyCheck


Hello there.

I need AntiSpyCheck, it had a old site called where it could be downloaded.

The MD5 is dff6090bc62ded1d353cdd62b319c74e
Thats only i got for now.


need fakesysdef samples


Anyone have the samples discussed in the article?

Below are example SHA1 hashes for the malware discussed in this blog:


While writing this blog, a new version of the malware was encountered, “Win HDD” with the following SHA1:


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