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I'm looking for samples of polymorphic viruses Sality.aa, ag.


Maybe someone knows where to find samples of these viruses. Site search returned no results.(Sorry for my bad english)

A serious code injection vulnerability affecting timthumb


A serious code injection vulnerability affecting timthumb, a popular image resize script used in many WordPress themes and plugins, has been exploited in recent months to compromise over 1 million Web pages.
more info: ... sed-177520
anyone get infected? check and post the sample here, thank :)



Hey everyone ,

could you guys help me to find Clampi Trojan , I need it to complete my research



Bundestrojaner's installer "scuinst.exe"


Hello fellow malware analysts!

I'm looking for a copy of the Bundestrojaner's installer. So much hype, so little analysis available (*sigh*) on this one so far (apart from in German from which while completely reasonable is not all that helpful for English speaking malware analysts).

According to F-Secure's analysis, the file has the following characteristics (if I've copied these correctly from the site!):

Filename: scuinst.exe (unsigned)
SHA-1: a6a0f45180f5b3390ee2ef21fe4b89813ed641f4

need malware samples that target flash version 10.x



I need some malware samples that target Flash version 10.x. Does anyone have it?? I didn't see it in the search. I'm looking for it to do some analysis.

Anti VM malware needed



If anybody knows where I could get a sample of anti VM malware please share with me.
If you can email me that's better :)

CSI:Internet series - Spyeye detection with Volatility v2 and kernel debugging the TDL4 rootkit

Just in case you missed my forensic analysis contributions for the CSI:Internet series on

CSI:Internet - A trip into RAM

CSI:Internet - Open heart surgery


Looking for a sample of Mebromi BIOS trojan


Does anyone have a sample of the Mebromi BIOS trojan? This is a new one which inserts itself into a PC with an Award BIOS and it also inserts itself into the MBR. I didn't see it in the search. I'm looking for it to do some analysis.

Static Analysis via Intermediate Languages

| |

Hello everybody, I've been a member here for a little while but have mainly lurked around the site. I'm currently pursuing a line of malware research involving disassembling x86 binaries and translating them into an intermediate language to describe behavior of basic blocks. I was curious if there are other examples of this type of approach. I am aware of Zynamics's REIL, but was curious if you all have taken remotely similar approaches and have any suggestions as far as tools, approaches, ideas, etc goes. Thanks a lot!

malware virtual machine



I'm doing a work to my pos graduate.

I need one or more malware that detect virtual machine.

Where do i get a these malware?

Thank you

Tiago Zaniquelli

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