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Looking for: advanced malware Samples that lives in memory only. No files are ever written to disk.


Hi! From last 6 months looking for advanced malware Samples that lives in memory only. No files are ever written to disk. Appriceate if some one able to help me or guide me. Thanks. -KalpT

Needed - malicious PDF files


I need a few malicious .pdf file(s). The file(s) should be less than 10mb in size. any help is appreciated.

Looking for some Malware sample and RAT


Hello friends
I am new here. I am looking for a working malwares(trojans/bot) with the initials AARC, PXR and RB and also finding a good Remote Administration Tool(RAT).
If anyone have any sample please help me.

Sample of UltraDefragger Scareware

| | | |

Anybody with sample of misleading app, UltraDefragger ?

Reversing the source of the ZeroAccess crimeware rootkit

| |

We recently undertook a project to update the hands-on labs in our Reverse Engineering Malware course, and one of our InfoSec Resources Authors, Giuseppe "Evilcry" Bonfa, defeated all of the anti-debugging and anti-forensics features of ZeroAccess and traced the source of this crimeware rootkit:

Part 1

InfoSec Institute would classify ZeroAccess as a sophisticated, advanced rootkit. It has 4 main components that we will reverse in great detail in this series of articles. ZeroAccess is a compartmentalized crimeware rootkit that serves as a platform for installing various malicious programs onto victim computers. It also supports features to make itself and the installed malicious programs impossible for power-users to remove and very difficult security experts to forensically analyze.

New Feed Alliance Created

Hi Guys,

i want to announce that our new malware feeds alliance was lunched.
we are open for feeds exchange for the solely purpose of research.

we already have 8 different vendors which we all ready exchanging data with, we also work with 6 different sensors deployed around several different geographical hosting services.
we have more the 8,000,000 samples all ready.

we will lunch Dissect||PE Smart threat analysis framework on January 1. 2011.

Bamital Request


Looking for a sample of Bamital.A dropper. It infects explorer.exe and winlogon.exe/wininit.exe (depending on OS).

Example of infected explorer.exe

Looking for Torpig, also known as Sinowal or Anserin command and control and builder


Looking into how torpig talks to its command and control.
I would appreciate a sample if possible.

Looking for Belmoo sample


md5: E8EAD7641F68822C8FBFE53AD7F1BF52

SHA1: 244860D5C40D8D13C16FA8BBA133C7608A09A276

Tracing the palevo cnc server


Anyone noted and working related to cnc server in internet:IP:

i success to pretend as bot and connect to that cnc server but just can see myself only.

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