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A sample of malware I analyzed

I recently wrote about a sample of malware I tried analyzing. I made quite some progress on it but would love to know if I missed anything. Here is my report -

The virustotal link is:

Rootkit .SYS files


Hi everybody,

I require .SYS files to do a sort of static analysis for rootkit detection. I tried vxheaven and various another common websites (e.g contagiodump etc.) but there only .exe and .dll files are available. Can anybody here guide me to some website or even paid service from where i can download .SYS files directly rather than executing am .exe and extracting .sys file embedded in it (as this involves enormous effort).




Finally back at this blog...
Today my spamfilter catched another nice executable!
I got SecureMail ;-)
Ready for some python-based reversing:

phil@vr:~$ python /opt/projects/rem/peframe/ --auto SecureMail.exe
File Name: SecureMail.exe
File Size: 137728 byte
Compile Time: 2013-01-23 19:05:56
DLL: False
Sections: 5
MD5 hash: 6870fd8fd2b2bedd83e218d9e7e4de8b
SHA-1 hash: 4b7a2c0cee63634907c5ccc249c8cd4c0231f03a
Packer: None
Anti Debug: None
Anti VM: None

File and URL:
FILE: USER32.dll
URL: None

How to submit a sample?


I have a sample and don't know how to submit it. I see many links for downloading of other samples that appear to suggest the files are hosted via offensive computing. I have read there is an "upload" button on the main page but I see no such button. Can anyone explain to me how to submit a sample properly so that I do not break any rules?

I have a sample of fbi moneypak

hi im looking for Sality.AT sample


Sality.AT sample only please, original or infected file.


hi im looking for Sality.AT sample

Sality.AT sample only please, original or infected file.





I read a few reports a new malware using Google docs to communicate with C&C. Anyone managed to get a sample or other details about it ?

Ubuntu malware



Is there a way to search for ubuntu malware? Even if i search for a known unix malware sample, it gives me a zipped exe file :s

thank you in advance,

Windows 7 malware


I'm a student at the VUB in Brussels - Belgium and I'm specifically looking for windows 7 malware. A big part of the windows malware I found would not run properly on windows 7. Search specifically for windows 7 did not succeed.

Help is much appreciated.

How can I download malware samples from this site automatically?


Hello everyone,

I am a computer science Ph.D. student from FIU in U.S. and my research area is system security. I need a large number of malware samples(about 3000) for Windows. I want to know is it posible for me to download malware samples from this site automatically(e.g., using a batch script)?


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