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Question about detection trends


So I just did a removal today on a client's system, and they got lucky because they immediately noticed there was a problem and shut the system down.

I fired it up and removed it pretty easily, since it didn't have a chance to get its hooks too deep into the registry.

They infection date was actually the 5th, but he kept the notebook turned off since then. So we're dealing with a virus at least 3 to 4 days old.

So I submit it to Virustotal.

4 out of 38.

Now, I'm relatively new here, so I don't know what's par for the course yet, but speaking as someone who spends half his time removing viruses and spyware, that's frightening.

Is that about average? 4 days old and only 10% detection rate?

No wonder we're so fucked.

Cool site you've got here, btw. You guys have Feeds set up for the blog posts yet?


VT report URL? You have any samples?

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