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300MB of malware



Sorry, it has been a long time since I posted this topic and visited this website
I don't have my biggest collection anymore, I lost it due to a hard drive failure.

I have another one, but it's pretty big to share, my upload speed is barely 1Mb.

I posted another thread few days ago, but it got deleted, I don'0t know why, so I will use this old thread.

Here is part of my collection, I have uploaded a compressed file to Megaupload, it has 6400 random samples.

If anybody has some spare samples, I will appretiate if you can send me some to wizho[AT]live[DOT]com
I'm looking for script and polymorphic viruses, but any other kind of malware will be fine.

Re: 7GB of malware

You can make it available via P2P. E.g. BitTorrent.

@Wizho Do you have


Do you have Trojan.Silentbanker.J & Gromozon aka LinkOptimizer?

Rapidshare links

You can try use Rapidshare links anyway, they support up to 2GB per link (downloaded by premium users only though)

same for

2GB limit ... so you should be done with approx 4 files.

I would have it! Share it on

I would have it! Share it on bitorrent!

news groups anyone? lol

news groups anyone? lol

I can share FTP folder on my servers

Hey 'Wizho' you are welcome. I can share a FTP folder on my server for you to place this collection there, so that other people could access it too. Will it work...

I can do it too, if it can

I can do it too, if it can help.

I'm sorry to inform you

I'm sorry to inform you guys, I had to delete the file that was stored in my iPod because I really needed to backup some files since something screwed up my hard drive.

I have another copy ofthat file somewhere in my dozens of old hard drives, it will take some time for me to find that specific file, now I'm working and studying I just have few spare time to spend on my... stuff.

By the way, I have to be premium member of rapidshare to upload 2GB per file, unfortunately I'm not willing to pay for a subscription right now. I could share it via torrent but my upload speed is not fast enough to upload such a big file with several peers, meanwhile I will look for another alternative and it must be ready for the next weekend.

Sorry for the inconvenience, if you want to send me any personal comment my email is wizho[at]live[dot]com

just share it through any

just share it through any p2p file sharing system, please~

Share this please it's very

Share this please it's very useful!!!

you can upload them

you can upload them microsoft sky drive.
please contact me.

I can support you.

I can host 7GB of malware for you.
If you can, you should split your file smaller than 2GB size via compression util.
And semd me via e-mail through
I will email you to tell my e-mail address.
Thanks a lot.
Best Regards.


Is it just a jest from Wizho???

300 mb of malware

enes try megashares you can upload 10 gb of files there

please try megashares!

please try upload to 10 gb of files i think


Does Wizho remember this post?