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Hey!, I am Jacob Bailey and i just happened across your site on google and found it interesting. Now, this site contains live malware samples right? Because if they are then a serious question has come to mind that was not answered in the faqs. So i became a member to ask this question. If this site host downloads for live malware then some random script kiddie might just take a sample and wreak havok with it instead of using it for research or maybe they got one to make a certain peice of malware better and then release it upon the net? Please do not get me wrong though, this sites idea is actually imo an awesome one and my question has been covered very thourghly in the agreement of signing on but this issue has piqued my curiosity enough to tell you of this and maybe offer the suggestion of maybe disarming the malware you come across and then releasing it. I bet also that you have probably got thousands of these questions so thx for you answers (if i get any) :)

With the vast majority of

With the vast majority of stuff on here the average script kiddie isn't going to be able to do much of anything with it. Most of these samples are just binaries not sources and at least the more modern ones have were made to be difficult to mess with to prevent detection but also making it so you can't just hex edit it a bit and use it. Anything here that is simple enough to do that with is not likely to be a gigantic threat comparable to the latest bots which use p2p and http c&c with encryption.

Hmm, alright thank you for

Hmm, alright thank you for answering.