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Resources and tools for malicious SWF analysis


Hi All,

What tools and resources do folks recommended for quickly analyzing malicious SWF files? I finally have a nice pile of 'em for analysis, including a few that have may have come through ad banners on high traffic sites.


I use the trial version of

I use the trial version of the Sothink SWF decompiler installed in a sandboxie sandbox so I can reinstall it after the trial period runs out. It is very nice but I don't work with nearly enough flash files to justify buying it. If anyone knows of any free tools that work as well I would like to know.


You could try disassembling them using flasm ( and then run some advanced grepper over the assembly looking for interesting patterns.

Or you could send them to me. Password protected zip please. (dotcum)

Norton AntiVirus 2009

You can use

You can use Wepawet:

If you want to convert SWF

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