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Help with a disk worm please

hi everyone, i am doing some research about virus and worms and i would like to test a worm that would be capable of replicate itself and full my disk, and i would also need a virus capable of causing important damages on windows, reboot it or something, but i can't find them, please help me.

thanks a lot

Scano Worm (P2P-worm)

A huge number of virusses/worms can do that.

About a year ago I analyzed a Scano-worm (P2P-worm) that duplicates itself to ALL the drives in your machine, with names like: Britney_Spears_Naked.jpg.exe, Kaspersky_Full_Version.exe or James_Bond_Collection.rar.exe in order to spread via P2P.
The process it creates is csrss.exe (like the legitime csrss) so there where two csrss.exes in the taskmanager/process-explorer.
I uploaded the file to OC, but I can't remember the variant-name.
Search for 'scano' and you'll find a lot of variants.