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Dangerous Backdoorprogram detected


Hi everybody.

I found while surfing a very dangerous backdoorprogram.

The Sample is uploaded and must be available in the next hours.

Just copy: ead70e926d8a7e304bdfff7f2c10bf9d so search and look what its done on a vm. Use at your own risk.

Its got an own mailengine, but could not see, sends with the hacked pc or by the trojan itself. with a proxyadress.

Have a lot of fun.

Looking into it right

Looking into it right now

Norton AntiVirus Gaming Edition 2009.


Its a trojan.adclicker by Norton.

Norton AntiVirus Gaming Edition 2009.

Antivir= BDS/Bandok.HR

Antivir= BDS/Bandok.HR Backdoor server programs

Eset Smart Security

Win32/Agent.ODY trojan by Eset

Trojan Horse

hey due,
It is a Trojan.win32.AdClicker,but the most of the AV are detecting as a Backdoor.