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SSH Exploitation Theory

Two effects of SSH is terminal access and SFTP access, which can be used to send and recieve data. When you connect into either SSH/SFTP its going to be a direct established connection; so what if you're connecting an infected SSH server it just happens to have some kind of script that opens an SFTP connection to you using the current connection, checks system info such as Operating System and Client being used. From there with the SFTP connection being masked you wouldn't be able to tell if it pushes files onto your computer, so if it did this it could place them into wherever the system startup files are located so that they are booted aswell on boot. But what if it could get more complicated than that and somehow exploit your system using a current ssh session to send reverse commands; err to make more sense of that to instead run the malicious files on your computer.

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I try to get a little more in depth at the above link, so maybe you can understand a bit better.

Let's see a demo!

Let's see a demo!

Well, theres a few things

Well, theres a few things that contradict me into doing so at the current time. I am still new to the entire programming scene (in a sense) of PERL atleast where I'm trying to get more experience in cross-platform application building, but I have made my theory one of my main goals while I persue this. So I will hopefully accomplish doing this over time, it could be weeks or months because as I said I am new still. Another being that I would need to host a shell, infect it, than login with another user. This probally won't happen until I feel confident enough to even code the said virus/exploit. A live demo wouldn't be rather trustworthy cause if I did succeed and provided a live demo people wouldn't want to test it in fear that I would somehow infect them with it, and lastly if I recorded myself doing it I would probally get a bunch of crap about how its been photoshopped. So sticking with my statement; it is nothing but a logical theory and how people concept this is entirely up to them. Though I will still try to provide a live demo when possible, if anyone else is able to do this I would actually like to see a live demo myself. :)

Not buying


But I am not buying this story. Unless you can prove me wrong I have to considere this blog entry to be a fake.

Trust me if I tell you that SSH is being abused by scripts for years. I see them pass by knocking on the door for years. So exploiting SSH is old news. But your theory just does not make sense to me.