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Hey all, ive been pretty busy with the new baby, however I do have a request.

Anyone have a copy of the WMF contruction kit?

Thanks :)


Congrats and.... naughty naughty

Congrats on the baby,

Why the interest in the contructor tool? It wont tell you anything new about the code in the WMF exploit except since this has been posted publicly.

Naughty naughty.

Ian Kenefick

im interested

in every tool, program, in short everything malware related.

People are using the constructor and so I need to understand it and how it works. Maybe it has signatures, maybe it has flaws I can exploit. Maybe it just gives insite into how the stuff is being used.

You really think I'd need a constructor if I wanted to do something myself? comon.



Just curious, but I hear it has an option for w2k. Is this true.

I have not been able to get any of my .wmf files to work on w2k yet.

so far nothing

on win2k, ill post if i find something.



thanks to one of our users I got a copy of the kit, Im analyzing it now.

hopefuly have data up eventually.