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Were can i find a collection of botnet programs/sources?


I am trying to find as many botnet programs as possible in order to investigate them. I want to tear apart the codes and so forth. Does anyone know were i can find these?

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how does this relate? im

how does this relate? im slightly confused by your comment


I currently teach an ethical hacking class and I was wondering how I could get a hold of some of the botnet programs and their controls to use in this class?


If you're good enough to teach a course then you should be able to find this the google way. Otherwise, either you're lying or was able to fool people into letting you teach others.

What kinf of a teacher are you if can't even find source for some bot?

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Botnet traces

Is there any place where we can find labeled network traces for different botnets for download?

botnet binaries/traces

From what I've seen in the academic literature, gathering botnet binaries and network traces is a *lot* of work: in order to get sufficiently representative data people typically run a whole bunch of "sufficiently dispersed" honeypots. Also, both the gathering and sharing of such data raise an assortment of legal questions, e.g., see Aaron J. Burstein, "Conducting Cybersecurity Research Legally and Ethically", Proc. Usenix LEET 2008, April 2008. (While it focuses primarily on US law, this is actually a very interesting and readable paper that I think ought to be read by anyone working with malware.)

Because of the amount of work involved in collecting the data, and the potential legal issues involved in sharing them (see reference above), I seriously doubt you'll find them available for download off the Internet.

An alternative would be to find and contact people doing active botnet research (the Google search terms should be obvious) and try to persuade them to share their data. If you have something sufficiently beneficial to offer them in return, this might be something to consider.