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easy detection of honeytrap


if you'r runnig honeytrap,
you should have a look at the way i try to detect it.
Again it's based on NetCat dump and again it is a module for a simple rbot,
just to demonstrate how easy it is to find the honeys,
even if you are a noob.

using for illegal things is prohibited

awaiting your comments

RE: Honeytrap.cpp

Awesome source code katsumi, good one there ...

if this is free/gpl v2, then i can probably use this type of script (when I say script, Iam talking abt porting this "logic" into a linux script), with some more enhancements, in future pen-tests :)

keep up the good work, cheers !


Remember there is alwayz someone who knows more than us out there

kish, you really like it?

kish, you really like it?
i can't believe.
the ppl at freenode/nepenthes don't like it/me.
common said, if it's so easy, why did i write such ugly code.
i posted another one, a vnc honeypot detection (nepenthes; amun),
to the cisco bot article you posted once.
i think you will like it, too.
it's free/gpl (i'm not shure about because it was made for rbot that was written under gpl)
just let me know if you really use it.

thank you.

"Vernichte ihn! Er ist nur ein USER!" (MCP)

Very interesting sources!

Very interesting sources! The code isn't ugly at all.