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Cabir (Caribe.a) - Source code


Hi people, After a long time, one decent post perhaps ;)

This worm is a mobile malware, also the alias of the infamous Cabir.a

The author has originally named it Caribe.a, and this worm looks like some C/C++ code.


The source code as usual, is uploaded for you ;)

Download here

Cheers :)

Thanks, I've never seen a

Thanks, I've never seen a moible malware source :)

hey, thanks for this

hey, thanks for this valuable source code :)

"this worm looks like some

"this worm looks like some C/C++ code."

the source was originaly posted in 29A 8 ;)

RE: Source code published

@jehv, and VB: thanks for the info abt the source being published earlier (wasn't aware of this) :)

VirusBuster, long time, how's it going ;) ?


Remember there is alwayz someone who knows more than us out there

Fine as usual. :-D

Fine as usual. :-D

Source code has been

Source code has been published for LONG time.