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random adminsitration things


A couple of things:

To all my military / government visitors. I notice people visiting but not logging in. If you would like an account but don't want to go through the normal sign up process, or don't have a public email you can use, feel free to let me know and I'd be happy to set you up an account.

A general thing, the file upload is broken. I am working on fixing it but no luck so far. Basically when you go to upload a file and hit add you will see a bunch of errors. However if you scroll down and hit submit, it still uploads successfully regardless of the errors. People can also just email me and I will post for them / give credit. Zip everything and password proect it with "offensivecomputing" so it will send.

The last thing I had was a thought. Id you are an individual / business / government entity and you have a compromise or an unknown file you need to identify, would you be willing to pay for an independent researcher to provide this service? I'm not looking for jobs or anything myself Im just wondering if this site could be a way of getting researchers / consumers together? Any thoughts?