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Autorun Manager (OSAM) - now with online malware scanner!

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Some days ago we released a new version of free utility - Online Solutions Autorun Manager (OSAM).

New features since previous release are:
- Online Malware Scanner (now you can easy and fast check your startup for malware using our online malware database)
- "Powerful" deletion objects using system driver

Here is an overview and download link.

I hope to find here a beta-testers for our software and get some feedback and suggestions to improve it! If you have any questions feel free to contact me.

Database update period


We had updated our database. At this moment database is updating every day (at the end of day), except holidays.

Statistics for last ~5 days: we found a lot of malware/adware that is not detected at this moment by "branded" AV companies. I will not say brands, but it's about 5 most popular commercial and free AVs.

I was wonder... Really!

P.S. BTW, we will change status "Checked" from 90% of trust to 5-10%, because of some internal ideas. Really trusted files will have "Trusted" status.

Best protection against malware and rootkits

I can not get the file to

I can not get the file to download completely(I get an error about the source file not being accessible part way into the download). Do you have a mirror for the file?