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20MB of Malware

I have a 7zipped archive of various and random types of malware.

If you have a need for such thing,shoot me message at mikeATuploadmalwareDOTcom and we can work something out for a transfer.


Hi there, and my

Hi there, and my email server dont get along,just a message for the one it concerns,try gmail or most anything else. :)


Thanks for the malware...

Hi MJ,
I got the malware.. thanks a lot....
Have a gr8 time ahead ;)!!!!

Best Regards,
Sourav Ghosh

Send sample virus

This is my Email.
You have 7 Zip, can you send them to me by this email:
Thank so much!

ok, send me

at aiglehawk[at]


Please send it here as well

I would really appreciate it.


would you send me a copy. my email:

H|, can u send it

can u send it 2 huk[x]
c0c00n cocoon

Yes please

I'd like to have it also -> ilooked4u(at)

Old to New

Sorry folks,that archive is long since gone.

Ive uploaded a rar of zips for val and danny to megaupload,if either of the 2 will contact me,yall are more than welcome to it and can distribute to whom you please in whatever form you please.

I try too long to hand deliver these to ya,so if ya want em,come and get em.



Hello, I would really much

Hello, I would really much appreciate if you could send me the malware file to wizho[at]live[dot]com or any link where I can download it.
Thank you in advance.

link required

plz send the link for download, thanks....

Yes, please


I would really apreciate if you could send a copy to

Thank you.


thanks for the malware


can i get it

where can i dl it.. or email me mehul09(aaaat)(gmail)(.)com


can I get it 2?

pascalbaumgartner[AT]gmail[DOT]com, plz and thx

Would you please send it to

Would you please send it to

a.qarta [at]

Please also send it to me...

at anthony.aykut(at)

hey mike can i have a copy

hey mike can i have a copy to?
u cal mail to mail(at)jdelfire(.)frihost(.)net thanxxx man


plz send me at or


Ola gostaria que se possivel enviasse em meu email para possiveis estudos...



Me too!!

Please, send me a copy too!
fekomedeiros at gmail dot com

Hi plz send me

Thanks in advance

Samples Request (dot com)

Norton AntiVirus Gaming Edition 2009.


I am interested in your samples if they are still available.


dont sent

He dont send files, dont post your email

it was limited off and now

it was limited off and now work is too much

Have these instead
and besides,why would want such old files now...silly.

No idea what I left in there,malware for sure but what kind is your venture.

thanks ...

thanks ... but old? then practically every AV should nail them ... how useless.

Norton AntiVirus 2009

Files at mega are from last

Files at mega are from last week you frigin wanker!

I was referring to inital files 7zipped,fargin bitchy leechers,imagine that!

thx for the porno vid ...

thx for the porno vid ... -.-

Norton AntiVirus 2009

Can you please also send a

Can you please also send a copy to me at

@xiasangju use the

@xiasangju use the megaupload link for recent binaries.

@Tech0utsider--> Norton AntiVirus 2009..LMFAO...all you needed to say sirwanksalot! :)

Norton AV09 is pretty

Norton AV09 is pretty formidable; it detected ~75% of the malware in the archive yesterday, and today, it detected every single one.

Norton AntiVirus 2009

upload other file share services

can anybody upload them another file share service?

( or other)

megaupload blocked in my country


I supported Symantec for 6

I supported Symantec for 6 yrs from 2000 to 2006,they completely let me down with thier own ifrastructure failure.

Fact remains,you whined like a little 2 cent bitch about a handout....that says enough for itself,spec you might wanna try to get over yourself before it becomes painful. ;) will have to depend on someone from here for the files to be moved but Ill try to fit the next set in a easier spot to grab,rapidshare and me just dont get along well at all.

I didn't whine. You posted

I didn't whine. You posted this back in June and only one person recieved your e-mail, up about two days before yesterday, when you posted the new link. I thought you were selling our e-mails.

Norton AntiVirus 2009


Norton AntiVirus is bull shit, Avira the best!

You talking about NAV06? or

You talking about NAV06? or 09?

Now, Avira is bull. It can't even detect a wildly popular virus, infostealer.gampass. Norton was the only product on VT to mark it as malicious by its signatures, instead of it's suspicious packers. Avira completely missed its packer and its tendency to mine data from the victim's computer and froward it to some kid in his garage.

Avira is bullshit.

Norton AntiVirus 2009

Now you know the full

Now you know the full definition of AssUMe

Fact is,I gave exclusive rights to the ftp to the few that were professional enough to really read the first statement.

No where does it say post your email here,it says to email me.

The main problem I can see was in one of your statements.

"I thought"

This seems to be 100% detremental to yourself and those around you.

Fact also remains,your a bitchy leecher and if there were any skills to be found,you would not be here leeching off those who actually get out there and do the footwork.

PWP OffensiveComputing


can you upload again your files "OC11509" and "done"? There is a limit of 10 download and this limit is reached.


Avira is bullshit it flags

Avira is bullshit
it flags most of cracks and keygens as trojans

Thxx for the malwares

Thanks in advance...

can you upload again your

can you upload again your files "OC11509" and "done"? There is a limit of 10 download and this limit is reached.

No and No,they are allready gone,deleted,history.

These are one time uploads for the term,time that the host will hold them.

First come first serve the way I see it...not time to sit on anything..too much new to discover. :)

Would you folks stop putting up your emails unless your just after spambots.

thank you very much

thank you very much

Thank you.


Few from

Few from Feb.09


Thanks man, very much appreciated.

I am

I am interested.