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Blackhat 2008 and Upcoming Appearances

Offensive Computing will be appearing at the summer conferences. Danny Quist and Colin Ames will be giving a talk at Blackhat USA 2008 titled Temporal Reverse Engineering. We'll be showing off some of our reverse engineering tools and will have a release ready.

Valsmith and Colin will also be giving a talk called Meta Post-Exploitation that covers escalating privileges, managing passwords, and generally spreading to control other resources in a network.

We'll also be at Defcon; be sure stop by and say hello.

Nice to meet you

Hi Danny and Colin,

I will be there and I would like to have a short discusson with you. Currently, our association, PISA (, is working on Malware analysis workshop and I am one of the members for this workshop and would like to get more information/tricks/techniques from you both.

See you there.

Anthony Lai, Hong Kong

Hi Anthony, Sure, the best

Hi Anthony,

Sure, the best way to meet up will most likely be after the talk. See you there.


I wasn't able to make BH

I wasn't able to make BH but I will be in town for DefCon. Can't wait to meet you guys!