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looking to make exe UNDETECTABLE..


im new here and was wondering weather anyone would be intrested in making a few exe files undetectable by antiviruses for me, these are malware spreading files.
im willing to pay for this and have to say i will be needing this service alot and also on a regular basis..
iv been told i may be able to get a custom made FUD cryptor, which may help do the job, but unable to find someone who would like to do it.
so if u can help please email me the price u can offer on sonalparmar5(at) and all the bits of info id need.
thanks and hope someone can help ->

And why not also...
Case dismissed... ;-)

you're in the wrong place?

you're in the wrong place?

yeah mate definitely in the

yeah mate definitely in the wrong place.

Honeypot ?

How about turning offensicecomputing into a honeypot for such persons ;)

'Security is the process of maintaining an acceptable level of perceived risk.'

You can pack them with

You can pack them with kkrunchy. Many AVs still don´t recognize this compression (shame on av companies :).

I think all the anti-virus

I think all the anti-virus software we will need in the future will be an unpacker detector and a dialogue that says "Warning: this file is packed with an exe-packer, do you wish to run it"? :oP

Hmmm... *Starts visual studio*

Unpacker detection would be

Unpacker detection would be great except it would bug the piss out of you for almost anything you open as alot of drivers are packed with wzse and alot of online games use unpackers when installing and running the update check. checking for digital signatures doesn't do much good either as thats easy enough to get around with a packer as the packed system sig is checked then the unpacked stuff is allowed to run.
Soas to really avoid antiviruses....... build a custom malware and submit it along with the installer to virus total and hope that none of the 36 hueristic engines detect it.

_ wh0[s] watch!ng y0u?