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Looking for Kraken Botnet malware sample


Hey, just looking for a sample of the Kraken Botnet malware. It doesn't seem to be posted up here, and I've emailed a couple of researchers.

md5: 31b68fe29241d172675ca8c59b97d4f4

try searching for md5: 31b68fe29241d172675ca8c59b97d4f4


Thanks for posting it up, if you were the one who posted it.

additional MD5s

additional MD5s:


Thanks for the additional MD5s

Search string for Kraken

Thanks for these MD5, if I have to search for more samples what search string should i use, every AV is referring it with Generic names

That's sort of the problem

That's sort of the problem with AV is that they don't refer to samples by their generic names. You have to figure out all the variants and search for them that way. It's a pain. :)


it seems that BitDefender detects kraken as Oderoor. I just searched Oderoor here and got 2 files. hope it helps :)

a larger collection


4-16-08 ;)