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RSA 2008: Reverse-Engineering Malware and Commercial Software Armoring

If you're going to be at the RSA 2008 conference, please join myself and Colin Ames in our talk "Reverse-Engineering Malware and Commercial Software Armoring" on Thursday April 10 at 9:10am in the Research Revealed track. We'll generally be around the conference so be sure to say hello.

Here's the abstract:

"Protecting software from reverse-engineering has been a common goal of both commercial software and malware authors. Anti-reverse engineering techniques will be demonstrated and methods of circumventing them will be presented. A forensically sound kernel-based monitoring system will be shown as an effective way to monitor and instrument running applications."

Good job guys!

And thanks to Colin Ames for standing in for me!


Great job!

Awesome presentation. One of several outstanding sessions in the RR track.

BTW, looks like the current preso is now available via the RSA key.

Thanks! I'm glad you could

Thanks! I'm glad you could make it.