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Storm Worm Hoax

This year's April Fool's day trick was to post a near exact copy of the Storm Worm propagation page on our website. The big change that I made was to swap out the executable with a custom compiled one. The code wasn't all that complicated. It was just a normal Visual Studio Win32 console project with a single printf that said, "Yes it's a joke. :)". I then swapped out the debugger file link with a link to YouTube. Most people that downloaded and analyzed the file seem to get the joke at that point but others took concern and were nice enough to notify us of the problem. The file even found it's way onto VirusTotal for scanning.

Here are the complete number of people who downloaded the executables over the day:

foolsday.exe - 266 accesses
kickme.exe - 220 accesses
funny.exe - 1991 accesses

I just didn't take that much

I just didn't take that much hassle to scan or analyze it, just downloaded, saved and opened in DOS prompt, once windows failed, cuz I knew for certain that it was a prank.

Cheers :)

Remember there is alwayz someone who knows more than us out there

Well, original storm worm

Well, original storm worm contains 4 executables :)
You missed the sony.exe :)

I just made sure all the

I just made sure all the links in that page worked. They downloaded the same file though. :)


I figured:

"c:\users\dquist\documents\visual studio 2005\projects\funny\release\funny.pdb",

in the debugging info was a dead givaway.


I'm glad some people actually looked at the executable. :) Later I changed that string to be the youtube video, I didn't think of that until about noon yesterday.

it would have been fun if

it would have been fun if you had Added a server part..which countet how many times it was actuly executet :)

I thought about that but

I thought about that but decided against it to not be accused of making malware myself.


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