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exploit toolkits analysis and info


don't know if this site has been mentioned here before but i came across it today trying to find the neo sploit toolkit. this site gives a pretty good analysis of the latest exploit toolkits around. makes for very interesting reading.

check it out for yourselves.

it is indeed worth

it is indeed worth mentioning:) I just wonder where dxp gets the packs from :D

Source of packs

Better late then never, especially since the sources did not change much.

Most of the stuff can be found on various Russian based forums associated with such activity. Some of the more rare jewels can be obtained from less then perfect configurations of malware domains which allow some access if one has an eye for it. Then, there's always some wanker who includes his server's ftp creds inside a trojan and then your ncftp loses control for some reason, go figure!

-=[ dxp ]=-

bad ! old

i have all it's last and new

if you want pm ""