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Phatbot source code (WASTE commands)


I am looking for the source code of Phatbot which has a WASTE (peer2peer) commands as described in

(WASTE Commands)
waste.server changes the server the bot connects to
waste.reconnect reconnects to the server
waste.raw sends a raw message to the waste server
waste.privmsg sends a privmsg
waste.part makes the bot part a channel
waste.netinfo prints netinfo
waste.mode lets the bot perform a mode change
waste.join makes the bot join a channel
waste.gethost prints netinfo when host matches
waste.getedu prints netinfo when the bot is .edu
waste.action lets the bot perform an action
waste.disconnect disconnects the bot from waste

I am intending to use it for the academic research. I already have the phatbot source code that contains all the commands except for the WASTE. Could you please upload it or send it to Appreciate your help.