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pBot - PHP Remote File Include Bug - Web based / PHP bot


Speaking about PHP RFI vulns, this is a classic example.

This is a web-based bot that uses PHP as it's base, and is similar to BlackEnergy DDoS bot in terms of operating out of the web.

OC Download pBot Source code (rename extension to .rar)
Here's the Rapidshare Mirror

Cheers :)


Hi kishfellow,

This is actually a pretty nice PHP bot. I was looking for a PHP bot a while ago, to put on my server to play with it etc. But I couldn't find a good one, however at that time I found this bot too (It's not that new). It stays pretty stable until you try out the tcpflood/udpflood commands. (At least, with the version I used, which is probably not that much of a difference since it was the same, but it could have had some tiny edits in the meanwhile).

But thanks for the post :-) I recommend this to people who want to use an easy-to-use PHP bot for their server or other needs.



heyy sorry for bringing up such an old post but I am trying to find Black Energy botnet and am unable to get the source/files for it. I need to test some bot detection algos. Will appreciate n e help u guys can provide.


hulagurl, check out :

hulagurl, check out : for Version 1.4.

Mail me, if you need any other samples: kishfellow [at] yahoo [dot] com


Remember there is alwayz someone who knows more than us out there