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Tiger Team Premier

Recently our friends from Colorado (hello 303) had a TV show about penetration testing made about them called “Tiger Team”. It was featured on Court TV, now Tru TV, and features them trying to break into various businesses. The two episode pilot showed them breaking into a luxury car dealership as well as a Beverly Hills jewelry store. In each of the episodes the team relies on social engineering, physical security, and computer security techniques to gain complete and total access to the businesses in question and breach their security almost entirely. Delchi, a main contributor at Offensive Computing, designed and built the HID cloner that was used in the jewelry store episode.

I really hope that this TV series takes off for a couple of reasons. First, it is very representative of real-world vulnerabilities which I hope will inspire people to take a deeper look at their security. Second, the show is very entertaining and I know we’ve added a few more tricks to our penetration tests. We at Offensive Computing engage in similar activities, albeit more towards the software side of the house, and it’s good to see this taking a more mainstream appeal. If you have the opportunity to watch the episodes I highly recommend them.

Download The Episodes You Missed

If you missed the show on December 25th, you can download them now. Just remember to keep seeding, sharing and spreading the word about the show.

Episode I: Car Dealership

Episode II: Jewelry Store

tiger team rocks!

tiger team is rad. in the mean time, rally for their support on if you want the show to stick around. Lobby hard: