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Mpack Toolkit - Source code


The Mpack toolkit has been uploaded to rapidshare. I searched the database and found only the dreamhack tool (the compiled form) and I thought it would make sense to upload the source for our members ;)

Click here to download the source code from Rapidshare
OC Download c0ff6e3db8afa6bf598e54afe351d795 (rename extension to .rar)

Password: "infected"

Just tried it on a machine, the contents of the archive are,
mpack v0.94
-- mpack - source code
-- []_Dream3Builder_Poly_179.exe - binary
-- Readme.txt
PandaLabs Report - MPack uncovered (2007).pdf
KAV.log - antivirus scan log

Cheers :)


As usually you come through with the hard to get and interesting contributions. Keep em comin!