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Internet Explorer

Apologies but IE does not work on this site.
It does not appear to understand HTML standards
(and I dont recommend using it anyway for security reasons).

The why it doesn't work...

The reason IE will not work on these pages is the Base URL. It is as follows.

base href="/" /

If it was set as follow IE would work without any problems.

base href=""

I have not looked far enough to make sure that the one is a true legal html string. Either way, simple enough to fix so that everyone can use thier own choice of browsers.

its worth a try

Ill try the fix and see what happens. However I still dont recommend IE.



safer just to let people get a better browser/os.

the fix worked!

Thanks for the tip.


He's not kidding.

He's not kidding. He forced me into installing Firefox on all of my machines.

Well, ok , he bribed me with buffalo wings, then slipped me a few Gin & Tonics. After the thrid one I was using Firefox all the time ....

oh, except when I was running proof of concept code for IE vulnerabilities.

-- D

" Fuck the fucking fuckers before they fuck you "
- The Rogue Warrior

IE + Mac

If you use a Mac, the decision has already been made for us. M$oft has helped everyone in their security decisions by no longer making IE available for the Mac, as of Jan. 30, 2006. See, they do understand security afterall.