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Latest Malware Added


There is a way to know what are the latest added malware?


Yes, but it depends on the source

Yes, but it depends on the source.

Example, if you want to check Trend Micro latest added malware you have to check the release notes called "whatsnew.txt", that is included inside the zip file of their pattern file (lpt$ Can be found here

Let say, Kaspersky they post it in their web site and is called Virus Watch. This is real-time update, check it here

Virus Buster does the same thing, Check this site

For other sources, you can just go directly to their website, and if it's not posted, you can just refer the update pattern/database file(supposedly, it should be there).

Hope this help!

~ Zeno

Hi, Many thanks for your


Many thanks for your help! :)

There is a way to know, here at OC WebSite, a way to know the last updated MW in the search engine?

Many Thanks,