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Cisco bot - Source code

This is a bot used to scan for Cisco devices.

Download the source here

Cheers :)


thanx for sharing, but have you looked at the source?

it is far more than just a tool for scanning cisco devices. it has lots of "features" like DDoS, exploiting several services etcetera...

as far as i know, this is a rbot variant.

The source had the coder's

The source had the coder's name, version, relevant details, and stuff.

As an active member, and a hands on guy, you must know better I guess.

"What can it do" has been addressed clearly in the source code through comments.

Cheers :)
Remember there is alwayz someone who knows more than us out there

+1 :)

+1 :)

funny vnc module

i made a funny module that you may add to the rbot you posted.
it is able to detect vuln realvnc (auth-bypass) honeypots
like nepenthes or amun (unverified!).
it was just a try to demonstrate how easy it could be
to add a module to a bot that detects a low interactive honeypot.
the ugly src is at: and vncmoo.h