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Black Energy Bot (DDoS) - HTTP based bot

A sample of Black Energy DDoS bot has been uploaded to rapidshare.

Since the file is a live sample (executable), i have used the standard password "infected" for the archive.

A detailed analysis with disassembly, and relevant details from Jose Nazario (Arbor)

Interesting part of this bot is that it uses HTTP port (80) to carry out activities, and uses Linux based code, off of PHP/mySQL.

Cheers :)

looking for php source code for this bot

I am looking for the php source code of BlackEnergy Bot. I've jumped through link through link and it got me to this page. Your file contains only bot executable, which by the way I'm really glad. If you have the php source of this bot, can you upload it to OC?



Me also looking for the php source code. I hope someone who can share. I'm also collecting this kind of stuff. Want to learn more on this program to prevent attack. Hope fully you can upload this on OC.