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Need some viruses and spyware


i need W32.NOPIR or W32.DELETEMUSIC virus sample
can any one email me at

Malware samples


I am new here too.. I am also looking for malware samples - I am interested in reverse engineering them



where do u stay in india im

where do u stay in india im from pune

do u have a nopir or deletemusic sample

I am in chennai. Sorry - I

I am in chennai. Sorry - I dont have the sample.

Getting Started

Our getting started page is a good place to start. You can probably find what you're looking for by looking for "spyware" or "virus" and the like. Otherwise if you know specifically what you're looking for you can run through it there. Be sure to click the "Thorough" checkbox though.

Have fun and be careful.


Got it

Thanks Danny.

Still can't source code

Hi im a newbie searching for the W32.deletemusic worm, having great difficulty sourcing the code. If someone could send me a link to the code i would appreciate it a lot.

Rgds in advance