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Another Storm (Worm) Peacomm Analysis by SRI International

Hi folks!!
Another good analysis....have a look at :

"Since early 2007 a new form of malware has made its presence known on the Internet by its prolific growth rate, its ability to distribute large volumes of spam, and its ability to avoid detection and eradication. Storm Worm (or W32.Peacomm, Nuwar, Tibs, Zhelatin), as it is known, is a highly prolific new generation of malware that has gained a significant foothold in unsuspecting Microsoft Windows computers across the Internet. Storm, like all bots, distinguishes itself from other forms of malware (viruses, Trojan horses, worms) by its ability to establish a control channel that allows its infected clients to operate as a coordinated collective, or botnet. However, even among botnets Storm has further distinguished itself by being among the first to introduce a fully P2P control channel, to utilize fast-flux to hide its binary distribution points, and to aggressively defend itself from those who would seek to reverse engineer its logic."

SRI Storm Worm Analysis