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Need virus that can change system time


I read that there are some viruses that can change system time.
I will like to get such a virus. Anyone please?


Hello shaheen, The only

Hello shaheen,

The only thing that I know that can change time is the subseven trojan. For more information please see the following links.

As for finding samples here at Offensive, conduct a "thorough search" with either "subseven" or "sub7". Hope this helps.

Peace & Love,



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aigle from Wilders

Also worm (KAVP and

Also worm (KAVP and AVG-name) changes date and time.
But you will not see this when you analyze Scano in a VM.

I analyzed this worm in a VM and after that in a 'sacrificial' computer. There where a lot of interesting differences in the results between the two analyze-methodes.
One of them was that in the VM the time/date wasn't changed, but in the second analyze, after a system-reboot, Worm did changed the time and date three years back, so the AV Scanner wasn't able to run then. is also known as
Scano.gen!EEH (F-Prot)
Win32.HLLM.Perf (DrWeb Cureit)

Do this..........

Press (Windows) + (R)
type CMD
its done....

Eg TIME 11:37 am
it will change time to specified!

Sushant Katare