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False Positives

I was hoping someone could advise me on how to get a false positive removed from the history/reporting.


Can you be more specific?

What history and reporting?

This item is a false

This item is a false positive:

It is an installer for Spyware Terminator (

OC Scanning

It might be useful for us to describe our scanning process and what constitutes a valid entry in our collection. First of all we allow any contribution of files so its likely that there will be entries that aren't strictly malware. Second we scan each file that comes in so that each person can have some information (at least) that will identify whether or not it is actually malicious.

In the case of this file I loaded it and it is doing some unethical stuff. Specifically it installs the "crawler" search bar. This search bar pretty much just repackages Google (it even returns the same results) It then changes the google logo out with its own, and replaces Google's ads. That's definitely not good behavior.

I am aware that you allow

I am aware that you allow user contributions. It is good to know that you scan all entries, though I am surprised that this file remains after scanning.

The search bar is optional, but what does the search bar have to do with malware? SpySweeper includes Ask Toolbar, DivX includes Google Toolbar+Firefox, Adobe Flash includes Google Toolbar, CCleaner includes Yahoo Toolbar, yet they are not on here. There are countless programs which include a toolbar, yet they are not on here.
In reference to the search bar, the Crawler Search bar is a licensed distributor of Google, Yahoo!, and MSN content. It provides metasearch content to users as well as plugins which are accessed from the toolbar. However, this listing refers to Spyware Terminator, not the search bar, and references that this is malware as the installer is renamed to "malware.exe". I understand that this is standard practice for all contributions, but the installer is not malware. The listing is without merit, and Crawler conducts business in a legal and ethical manner vis-a-vis other companies intellectual property.

Could you please remove the file and all references to the file on the site?

If the toolbar is a licensed

If the toolbar is a licensed distributor of their content then you're right there is no problem. I'll remove the file right away.

Thank you.

Thank you.