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Well, after a lot of time of development (a couple of months) I've decided to speak in public about my new tool.

Malzilla is a tool for malware-hunters. It contains downloader/HTML browser, JavaScript interpreter based on Mozilla SpiderMonkey, some decoders for various types of encoded data (used on web sites) etc, all in order to find the download link to the malicious file.

Here is the Part 1 of the introduction to Malzilla

looks very it

looks very it released already or are there any plans to release it?

I have applied for a project

I have applied for a project hosting on, so it means I will release it as OpenSource (Mozilla Public Licence) as soon as I cleanup the code a little bit and write some documentation that will introduce other interested developers to the project [if someone get caught :)]

I'm releasing it as OpenSource because I have reached my knowledge limits with this project (also my free time limits), and some things are still not resolved (in some rare cases Malzilla can't access some sites, although Firefox opens the site).

btw. just checked SourceForge, hosting of Malzilla is accepted.

Released :)

Malzilla and Wine...

Not the beverage, but the app for running Windows apps in Linux. Anyone tried it? If not I will be trying it soon and will post the results.

Been loving this tool for months now. Great work!

J Bryant
Senior Analyst|Cascadia Labs


I'm looking at it downstream from Fiddler and I think the combination is incredible. Good work.

I'll look fwd to seeing more dev on it. Thx for giving it to us.

Great Tool!

Hey Bobby -- I just wanted to pass on to you some feedback on your great tool. I have been using it quite a bit lately and had a question. When you use the decode tab and press Run Script, when it pops up that the script is also a script (I can provide a screenshot if you want) and then I hit OK and paste the new UNICODE into the tool, it doesn't know what to do with it. I have to pass it to the shellcode2exe php page (iDefense php page) at to get the information I need...Is there any plans in the future to incorporate this into MalZilla?

Can you send me a screenshot

Can you send me a screenshot or the script you are trying to decode?

My mail (cut of all the spaces between the letters):
s p a s i c @ g m a i l . c o m

Link to Part 1 of the Intro to Malzilla...

...isn't working...


Malzilla 0.9.2

Malzilla 0.9.2 released:

Also a new tutorial in Documents section.

0.9.2 was a broken

0.9.2 was a broken release.
Fixed and uploaded as
The download mirrors will be updated (hopefully) in one hour.


I really appreciate your work in this field. Malzilla is a great tool.