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Malware Search Questions?

Hey Guys,
I've noticed that in various postings when people post malware samples, using the malware search to retrieve this sample with the hashes provided, some work and others do not.
What is the go with this? and how do you locate the uploaded malware if the hash search fails? can you search by submitted date or anything like that? I've tried the date comnbined with the thorough search option but that doesn't yeild an results either.
Currently there are a few pieces i would like to examine but all the hashes fail.

Cheers Donny.

Could you provide the failed

Could you provide the failed hashes and I'll look into them? If you can also provide the post that has the samples that would help as well. Thanks.


Sure thing

Hey Danny,

The hashes from the following post i could not get file for

v1.0 :c58873a127d0457cb968decb4f8042d8

3.0: c5551416a0f785c5c5aadd8a6377e6f4

Xinch: d770fb7e49c2ef541148700e09f5aa51

I did have another example after trolling around trying various other hashes to see if i got results(which i did in most cases) but i can't remember which one it was.
Thanks for you help Danny, much appreciated.


I have also ran into many

I have also ran into many problems with the search function,originally thought it was just the hash didnt match any files but see now its something more.

I have problems with names such as LDPinch and the like returning 0 results.

Is it possible to get a full explanation of what search terms to use?

They are adding right now.

They are adding right now. It will take a few minutes but they will be in the archive momentarily.

Thanks Mate

Hey Danny, Thanks for sorting that. I appreciate it very much.

Cheers Donny.