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Automatic Unpacking and The Summer Conferences

We are finishing putting the final touches on our presentations for next week. Saffron, which will be demoed at Blackhat and Defcon, is in good working order. The results are amazing and we hope you'll be able to make our talk. If you can't feel free to catch us around the conference.

Covert Debugging: Circumventing Software Armoring Techniques is on Thursday at 10am in the Augustus 1+2 Ballroom. We'll be giving the same talk, although somewhat shorter at Defcon on Friday at 2pm in the Track 1 speaking area.

Valsmith and HD Moore will also be giving their Tactical Exploitation talk at 1:45pm on Wednesday in the Tiberius Ballroom 3+4+7+8 and again at Defcon on Friday at 4pm in the Track 1 speaking area.

Valsmith and Delchi will speak on Malware Secrets at Defcon, 11am on Saturday in the Track 2 speaking area.

We hope to see you there!

unfortunately, i can't be

unfortunately, i can't be there, but i whish you all the best for your speeches at blackhat and defcon. and i'm looking forward on your papers/tools you are about to release on these cons and hope you will post them here right after your talks.


They will be posted as soon

They will be posted as soon as possible after the talks. :)