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Complete Mpack File Set


An anonymous contributor (if you want credit email me) uploaded a complete sample set for the Mpack PHP infection archive. This is great as it gives a working set of scripts that are used to infect lots of other hosts. I've repackaged it and uploaded it as a tar.gz file.

You can find it under md5 544b4f12d1233089fe877d839b5a8e9c

hm, when i click this it

hm, when i click this it just opens a containing a malware.exe

maybe the wrong link?

wrong extension, correct file

yes, contains only a malware.exe file, but it is actually a tar.gz archive ;-).
Just move malware.exe to malware.tar.gz and decompress it.


Just like Roberto said,

Just like Roberto said, rename the file and all is well. Remind me to fire our programmer.


mPack v0.91

how do I make this work?

how can I decompress this zip file, and run MPACK?