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Moving OC

If you are reading this then the migration to the new ISP / hosting service was successful!

Let me know if something is broken please. (mvalsmith at

thanks for your patience


more on the move

Well it seems the move was a total success. This ISP should be much more stable and much faster. I had a few issues getting the database running but it seems good now. I haven't seen any issues and it looks like most if not all the user accounts moved over too and people can use them. (weve got over 100 users now)

If anyone sees issues let me know.



Well its almost 1am and I think I fixed the last of the bugs. The file transfer system was messed up do to a UID problem from the migration. Its all better now and I went ahead and added sober_a to the database as a test of all the functionality. That was an intense fast paced migration hooah!