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Scam kits

Posted some scam-kits used by phishers for stealing credentials. Similar to the previous entry, the download will be facilitated by rapidshare.

Companies which might be (are?!) affected by the kits, include
* CapitalOne
* E-bay
* E-gold
* E-Passporte
* Yahoo!

Password: "scamkit" (without quotes)

Cheers :)

thats funny that there's

thats funny that there's some scam kit circulating around, i just like the name, Scam-Kit. they've got some of Troj.Bankers images.. when will they release some cd or some installable version of these scam-kit!?
sorry, i'm a bit happy tonite

codelock 1.5

btw. the .php files of the scamsites are encrapted, err... encrypted, with codelock v1.5

a friend of mine found some time to write a python decrypter for those files.

someone interested?

frank boldewin


tell your friend hes a genius, ill take a copy of the decrypter.

i kno this is a lil off topic also, but the MASM32 editor you linked me is kinda difficult to use to assemble the program, idk which file to select to build my own custom programs. if you could tell me that would be much appriciated.