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NSRL database queries


I have constructed an NSRL ( query page at

It is loaded with the current release, 2.15. Which may be of some use, especially if you don't happen to have the RDS dataset to hand.

There is also an xml-rpc interface to this, but I think that it would be impractical to use it for querying multiple files in quick succession.

Lastly, the server will not see continuous uptime; it is more of a test / ad-hoc tool.





G'day mate,

I would advise against downloading the NSRL's from any other site other than mirrors from the NIST site. This site is well maintained and available 24/7 365.




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Yes this is true. It is not

Yes this is true. It is not for the dataset download though, only for single queries, which you can't do at the official NSRL site.

If you need authoritative verifyable data, then the NSRL website is the place.