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How to download


Hi All,
Can any one please tell me how to download all the malwares from the site at a time.


Contact us via email and

Contact us via email and we'll discuss that. We don't have an automated method for downloading.

Your email address please.

Can You Please give me your email address.

Please give your email address.

Can You please give me your emal id.

Look in the Contact link off

Look in the Contact link off to the right.

Download and usage!!!

Hi all!!! I am wondering how to download a keylogger and send it out so the information is sent back to me??? I have a few already but how do I utilize them???

I don't know if you noticed

But this is an ANTI malware site. We don't condone the illegal use of malware. The purpose of this site is to perform analysis of malware and to build a security community.

However there are some situations under which it is legal to use a keylogger, for example if you are an employeer and you wish to monitor an employee, or a parent monitoring a child.

If this is the case with you, the easiest thing you can do is to purchase one of the 25$ commercial keyloggers out there on the internet. Or you could go to and look at the keylogger code examples there if you want to implement your own.

You could search for "keylogger" in our search and download something but I wouldn't trust anything you find and your results could be unpredictable since this is live malicious software we are dealing with.

good luck,