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Malware analysis: Nailuj sys file

Lately a lot of malwares are using rootkit techniques. Private and antivirus companies are trying to develop tools against malwares but, despite the fact that most of the techniques are well documented around the net, only a few companies are getting positive results. This particular malware is a perfect example because when it came out only a few tools were able to recognize its nasty operations. Don't know what you think but that's sound a little bit strange for me.

Nothing new, nothing special... just a malware analysis from me.

Download the paper from here

good job




Don't understand the russian at the download website -- is there a pass for the allinone.exe that you can drop?

The password is "123456"

The password is "123456" without "".
The russian website is in english too btw :)


It is new for me, and all take all the help I can get. Thank you, well written and easy(ish) to understand.... i think that has something to do with my experience level though :)