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AV update time

I was wondering how often do you take updates of the AV engines, guys, 'cause I just uploaded 65b063b3fe8c6aa819e8b279ec124301 and the site says it has no detection.. but at the time of writing BDC says Trojan.Proxy.Dlena.C

Not nearly enough, that's

Not nearly enough, that's for sure. If you want up-to-date AV my recommendation is to use Virus Total.

I know about VirusTotal, but

I know about VirusTotal, but was just wondering: wouldn't it be nice if OC were up-to-date? Why not? It's kind of simple, afaik.. at least for bdc and kav.. is there any reason why you don't make an update at 2 hours, for example?


This has been fixed. This was more of a resource problem than a technical one. Basically our todo list is about a mile long and this has been on it for a while :)


you said somtething about a

you said somtething about a 'one mile long todo list'. is it public? is help wanted? I think people would gladly support OC and help shortening the list :)
(sorry for baaad English:()

the best thing

people can do to help is to upload samples and especially post analysis and papers. Baring that, just passing the word around helps too.